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Ayurvedic back massage

Our back is the what makes us stand up and get our hectic daily works done.A flexibility and strength of the back is very essential to accomplish any task.Long sitting and standing can be causes for back pain which most jobs demands.

What about having a therapy to recover your back from all the pain and strain from daylong hectic schedule?

what is Prishta abhyanga ( Ayurveda back massage ) ?

Ayurvedic back massage is so special to relax muscles of your back and it is very effective if you are disturbed by neck and back strain. Ayurvedic massage therapist put pressure on various points of the back near the spinal cord, which helps you relax and get benefits of Marma therapy. It works gradually up the spine towards the waist and shoulders.You can find a great relaxation too if you are looking for relaxation through back massage. A soft touch of therapist helps your nerves to bliss and re-energize yourself.

Ayurvedic back massage incorporates several forms of pressure and hand movements in addition to warm sesame oils. Usually a blend of sesame oil and essential oils of aromatherapy is used in the process to provide maximum benefits to clients. The oil is continuously replenished warm so that its benefits are heightened. The main purpose of including oil in this therapy is to ensure that the client is benefitted from both the massage as well as the oil therapy.

Neck and low back regions need more attention as these are the most stressed parts of our body. As we know, spine plays a pivotal role in sustaining the body and maintaining a balance in the central nervous system. Therefore, ayurvedic back massage focuses on the spine (Meru-danda). The pressure techniques are extremely gentle to ensure a soothing experience to the clients. The Marma points when worked on, release all the stress and anxiety, thereby triggering the flow of vital energy throughout the body. This vital energy helps in maintaining proper circulation of blood. Excess ‘dosha’ is reduced in the process and the body is nurtured with a perfect balance. This is also known as healing therapy or detoxifying therapy. Harmful toxins are flushed out of the body with the help of the herbal oils and massage techniques administered in the therapy.

Benefits of ayurvedic back massage

  1. It gives relaxation to muscles and improving blood circulation, lymphatic flow to your neck and back.

  2. It reduces tiredness of your back.

  3. It is very helpful for stress reduction, so it ultimately decreases anxiety levels.

  4. It is also very useful for sportspeople to recover from strenuous exercises or physical exertion.

  5. Back massage performed incorporating Marma points normalizes energy flow and removes the blockages in the flow of bio-energy.

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