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Ayurveda head massage

What is Shiro Abhyanga?

In Sanskrit, ‘shiras’ means head and ‘abhyanga’ means massage. Ayurvedic head massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment that has been practiced in India for 5000+ years. Shiro Abhyanga involves massaging the head, neck and shoulders with sesame oil to calm and balance your mind and nervous system.The oil is applied with a variety of massage techniques and gentle marma applications for a fixed duration of time. No doubt, life is never free of stress. With extended office hours, daily chores, and whatnot, you are bound to be stressed out. Amidst all this, if you get a relaxing Ayurvedic head massage, what could be better than that?

Ayurvedic head massage does wonder when it comes to calming your mind and rejuvenating your soul. It relaxes your eyes, stimulates proper blood circulation of the scalp, and relieves stress. Suppose you must be thinking about how Ayurvedic head massage is different from any other head massage. In that case, it is something to note that Ayurvedic head massage involves a variety of massage techniques that trigger pressure points using circular massage strokes that focus on your head, neck, and shoulders, unlike the normal head massage where you concentrate on only apply the oil to the scalp.

Head massage and benefits

Promotes deep relaxation and the release of tension,It rejuvenates our senses,Benefits memory, cognition, and alertness,Brings clarity and strength to the senses,Nourishes and supports healthy hair, while also providing a lustrous shine,Strengthens the nervous system ,Supports balance of the brain’s chemistry and hormones,Removes insomnia and promotes sound sleep,Relieves you from depression and anxiety,Encourages the release of endorphins - hormones that make you happy.

Ayurvedic Oils for Head Massage

While head massage in Ayurveda is fruitful using Ayurvedic oils, it is crucial that you know which oil is best for you.

Coconut Oil-It is loaded with the goodness of fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair cuticles and strengthens the hair roots. Head massage with coconut oil also soothes the scalp and gives a cooling sensation to the hair.

Sesame Oil- Sesame oil is one of the best and oldest oils which is best to balance Vata dosha , known to mankind. Its warming nature makes it an effective and suitable oil for head massage. its best for hair, nurturing and hydrating skin of scalp, and relaxes the nerves.

Sweet Almond Oil-One of the most effective Ayurvedic head massage oils, the sweet almond oil, is best for conditioning the hair. If you are facing hair fall lately, this is one oil you should try. It smoothes the hair cuticles and repairs damaged hair. In addition, you’ll love the aromatic sweet scent of this oil.

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