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Increase your Happy hormones

Every one wants to be happy.Happiness is infectious as it spread it to all around us.Why we feel so high when we are happy ? The reason is, the complex chemical reactions that is happening in the brain.

Menopause makes the dip in sex hormones and thus effects mental health of women.With the age there can be dip in testosterones in men and thus can lead to depression.

Here are some ways to improve the happy hormones.

Oxitocin hormone stands for love and trust.Low levels of Oxitocine can cause vulnerability, anxiety, and low joyfullness.

Serotonine stands for leadership and respect. Defiency of Serotonin causes fear, worry, sleeplessness, shyness and depression.Endorphins masks pain and pleasure. Its deficiency causes pain, emotional disbalance, depression.

Dopamine stands with satisfaction of acomplishement. Deficiency causes low self esteem,

low energy, inability to focus


Many are familiar with the Endorphine that is relieased in the body during and after exercises. Running, jogging, riding releases serotonins.Reaching goals like runners reaching finishing lines creates Dopamine rise. Any vigorous, pulse-raising workout can cause an exercise-induced euphoria.

Most people are familiar with the fact that exercise releases endorphins. Any form of movement that increases your heart rate will prompt a positive feeling, and a vigorous, pulse-raising workout can cause an exercise-induced euphoria. Endorphins will also interact with pain receptors in your brain so actually reducing your perception of pain.


Massage or a soothing touch of any kind can encourage the release of endorphins and stimulate oxytocin production in both the person being massaged and the masseur. This is the same for other healing therapies (such as acupuncture, chiropracty and hydrotherapy) as they relax the body and moderate pain.

Certain Food substances

Dark chocolate (one with high cacao solids) in small quantities can make you feel happier as it contains the Neuro modulator phenylethylamine. Other mood-boosting foods include oily fish for its omega 3 fatty acids; coffee (in moderation); tryptophan-containing foods like certain poultry, eggs, milk, nuts and seeds; and chilli, which contains capsaicin (despite capsaicin causing a burning sensation when applied to skin, it has pain-relieving properties when consumed). Small amounts of alcohol such as a glass of wine can trigger the release of endorphins; however, too much can have the reverse effect.


Meditation has many benefits including relaxing and focusing the mind. This practice is also highly rewarding in terms of the release of hormones and neurotransmitters, triggering endorphin release as well as dopamine, serotonin and melatonin.


Tune into your favourite comedy show to get a boost of endorphins! Laughter decreases stress, improves immune function and generally lifts your spirits. It’s so effective that laughter therapy has been established as a cognitive behavioural therapy to treat patients’ stress and depression

Nature bathing

As little as five minutes per day spent outside can improve motivation and wellbeing. In particular, those with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) experience raised serotonin levels when exposed to bright, natural light.Walk in nature boosts serotonin level which is a mood stabiliser.

Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude activates the brain’s reward system releasing feel-good chemicals. Some people keep a daily gratitude journal and write down things that they’re grateful for; others engage in the ‘three blessings exercise’, each evening focusing on three things to be grateful for.

Listening To Music

Both listening to music and singing can release oxytocin.Some studies show that Musicians have higher levels of oxytocin due to interaction with their band. Meanwhile, another study showed that patients recovering from open heart surgery made a quicker recovery after regularly listening to relaxing music, due to the alleviation of pain, stress and anxiety levels caused by the increase in oxytocin.

Pay compliment and celebrate accomplishment

Paying a compliment can increase the level of Oxitocine. Celebrating small and big accomplishment increase dopamine, the reward chemical.

Playing with a baby, Play with a pet, Hug -improve the Oxitocine, the love hormone.

Sexual activity -Endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine are all released during sexual activity.

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