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What is Udvartana?

Udvarthana is therapy in Ayurveda in which specially prepared herbal paste or powder is massaged below the neck in a direction opposite to the orientation of hair with some pressure.It is a treatment used to support weight loss and detoxification programs.

In Sanskrit the word Udvartana means “to move something in an upward direction”. This refers to the upward direction of the strokes used during the massage. The brisk massage techniques combined with the penetrating herbs creates heat in the body to help decrease lethargy, release toxins, reduce fluid retention and increase circulation.

This treatment begins by massaging warm herbalised oils into the body to prepare the skin for the herbal paste application. The heated herbal paste is then applied to the body with fast upward massage strokes.

Acharya Charaka author of classical book Charaka samhita has mentioned a term called Sharira Parimarjana. Commentator Chakrapani commenting on the term tells that Sharira Parimarjana is nothing different from Udvartana. In fact Sharira parimarjana explained by Charaka is Udvartana. Chakrapani states that Udvartana has to be done after Abhyanga (massage) and since Charaka explains Sharira Parimarjana after Abhyanga, it should be an explanation of Udvartana. Thus Sharira Parimarjana can be considered as synonym of Udvartana. Types of Udvartana – According to Acharya Charak Snigdha (oily) and rooksha (dry) Snigdha Udvartana: Snigdha means with Sneha (fats like medicated oil, medicated ghee etc). In this type of Udvartana, the herbal powders are not directly rubbed over the body. In fact, the powders are mixed with medicated oils or ghee and made into paste.

Ruksha Udwarthanam -This massage involves rubbing the dry powders of herbs on the body. The rough and dry nature of the herbal ingredients is useful for the reduction of excess Kapha.

Benefits of Udvarthana

1,Softens and gives a bright glow to the skin, exfoliates dead skin cells

2,Udwarthanam massage also aims at reducing excess cellulite and fat under the skin. Moreover, it is beneficial for individuals with insulin resistance and obesity.

3,Detoxification, cleansing, skin toning.

4,Removes bad odor

5,Strengthened and muscles tone up

6,Improves blood circulation conditions.

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